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LOTD Shoutout

"...look at - just again - the level of precision here. They aren't very old; when I was their age, hand-eye coordination was a myth in my world. And yet, they've been doing this for so long, they're already dancing at THIS incredibly high level." - Jason Sorensen, Lord of the Dance. Watch more of this clip at the official Lord of the Dance Twitch.

Kaden's Ceili

“Kaden’s Ceili” - Kaden is being escorted by his younger sister, Skye! He’s our BIGGEST fan and such a valuable member of our company! #irish #irishdance #feisnews #lordofthedance #irishdancefamily #irishdanceforall #differentlyabled #specialneeds #motorcityirishdance #rochesterhills #detroit

Posted by Motor City Irish Dance 19 September 2019

The clip above features Motor City Irish Dance's #1 fan - Kaden Strek - in Kaden's Ceili (choreographed by Kimberly Mikulski). Kaden has Cerebral Palsy, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, and Apraxia of Speech, but that doesn't stop him from joining in with his sisters (Skye & Teagan) and rest of the company in this special Irish dance performance. News of Kaden's performance was picked up by IrishCentral recently and featured in their Culture section. In the article, Kaden's mom, Eddie Strek, said:

“Being a part of Motor City Irish Dance has truly been a blessing for our family. They have always embraced Kaden and last year decided to include him in performances.”

For more information on Kaden's journey, you can follow and support him in his public Facebook group: Help Kaden!

Highest Rated

5 Stars

Motor City Irish Dance has perfect 5-star ratings on both Facebook and Google!

"This is a first class operation! An Irish Dance Studio that concentrates on 'performance' rather than 'competing'. It shows in the smiles of the dancers, and in the overall show this group delivers. I try to have them at every event I help with, as they elevate the overall quality of each of those shows! (And they are so easy to work with!) I love Motor City Irish Dance." - Bill Lynch, Liam the Extra Large Leprechaun

"I've had the pleasure of sharing a stage with dancers from Motor City Irish Dance on several ocassions. They are passionate about their art and it's plain to see from the energy they put into every show...The audience gets a huge rush out of it, and quite honestly, so do we! Highly recommend these performers!" - Russ Turner, Wakefire

"This is a great place to learn about Irish Dance. Whether you are two or ninety-two, you will always be welcomed as part of the family." - Marcel Lim, Motor City Irish Dancer

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