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At Motor City Irish Dance, we proudly publish all of our tuition rates because we know they are the best value in the area. And since we are a non-competitive organization, your savings will continue by avoiding additional hidden costs associated with travel, hotel rooms, solo dresses ($$$), competition fees, and more. Why pay more for Irish dance when you don't have to (especially if you're just starting out)?

The best feature of our pricing model is that our monthly rates are based on total weekly class time - not skill level or age. In other words, our students won't get penalized with higher fees for making progress (like at other schools). We eliminate the conflict of interest around promoting students to advanced classes for more money, giving you confidence that you and your peers are truly at the correct level in your Irish dance training.

With Motor City Irish Dance, there are no misleading gimmicks or hidden fees. Your monthly rate doesn't change regardless of how many times the classes meet each month or when you start - very much like a membership fee. We keep things simple, transparent, sensible, and fair - especially with our secure auto-pay feature. And if you find yourself being unable to cover the monthly fee, please come talk to us - we will work with you to make it right. You shouldn't settle for anything less.

But if you are still looking for more, we are also happy to offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within 7 days of your first class, we will completely refund your tuition and registration fees.

With amazing rates and a money back guarantee, what is holding you back? Sign up for a class today!

Annual Registration Fee

Company Registration includes Academy Registration. This provides a Company dancer with access to all Company regularly scheduled rehearsals and Academy traditional Irish step dance classes appropriate to the dancer's age and skill-level.

Academy Tuition

Academy Tuition is calculated according to the total time a dancer spends in classes over a week, regardless of how many classes are taken. The more time you spend in class, the better value you receive.

For adult dancers who require more flexibility with their schedule, we also offer punch cards (20 half-hour punches) for $150. These can be used anytime until they run out.

Company Tuition

Because we know Company dancers will be training A LOT, we offer them a flat monthly fee, regardless of how much time they spend in their classes and rehearsals. This is an incredible value and the best deal in the area!

Extra Services

To enhance your experience with Motor City Irish Dance, we offer extra services beyond our group classes. These include:

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