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At Motor City Irish Dance, we proudly publish all of our tuition rates because we know they are the best value in the area. And since we are a non-competitive organization, your savings will continue by avoiding additional hidden costs associated with travel, hotel rooms, solo dresses ($$$), competition fees, and more. Why pay more for Irish dance when you don't have to (especially if you're just starting out)?

With our amazing rates and a money back guarantee, what is holding you back? Sign up for a class today!

Annual Registration Fee

Company Registration includes Academy Registration. This provides a Company dancer with access to all Company regularly scheduled rehearsals and Academy traditional Irish step dance classes appropriate to the dancer's age and skill-level.

Annual Fee

Academy Class Tuition

Academy classes include all traditional step dance, drill, and Fun Fusion Friday classes. Tuition is calculated according to the total time a dancer spends in classes over a week, regardless of how many classes are taken. The more time you spend in class, the better value you receive. (The one exception to this is JigFit, which has a flat monthly fee—see below. Summer camps, workshops, rehearsals for performance opportunities, and other one-off or limited-run classes will usually also have a one-time single fee.) These rates apply to Academy students and Company members.

To illustrate: a Level 1 Academy student who wishes to take Level 1 Traditional Irish Step Dance (60 minutes) and Level 1 Drill (60 minutes), would spend a total of 120 minutes a week in class, and so pay $80 a month. If the same student wants to take JigFit as well, that would add the flat $20 JigFit fee, so the student's final monthly tuition would be $100.

30 Minutes / Week$35/mo
45 Minutes / Week$45/mo
60 Minutes / Week$55/mo
90 Minutes / Week$70/mo
120 Minutes / Week$80/mo
150 Minutes / Week$90/mo
180 Minutes / Week$100/mo
210 Minutes / Week$110/mo
240 Minutes / Week$120/mo
JigFit (60 Minutes / Week)$20/mo (Academy student)$15/mo (Company member)

Company Rehearsal Tuition

As mentioned, Company members will follow the pricing scheme given above for their Academy classes. Company rehearsal tuition is an additional flat monthly fee, depending upon the team to which a dancer belongs. Please note that Company members who do not take any of our traditional step dance or drill classes (in other words, dancers who receive all of their technical training at another Irish dance school) will be charged an overhead fee of $50 per month, in addition to the appropriate Company tuition.

Our Junior Team consists of dancers in tenth grade, and younger. Dancers in eleventh grade, and older, would join our Senior Team. The Advanced Team is comprised of dancers of all ages; dancers join this Team by invitation from our directors.

Junior Team$55/mo
Senior Team$65/mo
Advanced Team$85/mo

Extra Services

To enhance your experience with Motor City Irish Dance, we offer extra services beyond our group classes. These include:

30 Minutes60 Minutes
1-on-1 Private Lesson$35$50
2-Person Private Lesson$20/person$30/person
Group Private Lesson-$25/person
Workshop / CustomContact Us For More Info

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