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Motor City Irish Dance

We are Motor City Irish Dance, the only non-competitive Irish dance school in Southeast Michigan. In our classes, students of all ages learn to enjoy Irish dance and connect with its rich cultural heritage in a fun, no-pressure environment. We also have a performance company that showcases Irish dance and music in full-length stage shows, local community events, and private performances throughout the year. See if you'd like to hire us for your next event — or maybe even join us on stage yourself!

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Where Passion Thrives and Rhythm Drives

As local COVID-19 prevention mandates allow, some of our classes are again being offered in-person in our Rochester Hills studio, or at various outdoor locations. However, ALL of our Rochester-based classes, including those with in-person options, will ALWAYS be offered virtually from now on at the same time, in case you are not comfortable or unable to come to the in-person location. The instructor will interact with the online and in-person students simultaneously. You don't need to miss out because you can't be at the class location — just log in and join your class wherever you are!


Oxford Virtual Academy

Starting September 2021, Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) students can take Irish dance classes from us as an elective class! To register for an Irish dance class with us through the OVA program, click here and then scroll down to look for 2021 Fall - OVA Classes. Feel free to E-mail us at for more information.

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