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Trailer Tour 2021

Lockdown started right before St. Patrick's Day last year, taking away most of our Company's performance opportunities. This year, we decided it would be different! We brainstormed and came up with a plan that would help bring joy and smiles to those who need it the most — our senior citizens and small businesses! We've commissioned a portable trailer, loaded up our performance panels, and hit the road!

We're thrilled to still be able to share our passion for Irish dance during the St. Patrick's Day season, while keeping our dancers and audiences safe! Come out and see us! Check our tour dates page to see where we'll be. We look forward to dancing for you!

If this looks like something you'd enjoy, we'd love to have you join us! Register for classes here to get started. We have dancers of all ages and abilities, so no one should feel they can't do it. You just do what you can, and we will help you achieve your goals — whether you want to get up on stage very quickly, or just dance recreationally for the fun of it!

2021 Trailer Tour

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