Why choose Motor City Irish Dance?

At Motor City Irish Dance, we believe:

  1. That Irish dance is a performing art first and a competitive sport second.
  2. That Irish dance does not exclude adults from learning or performing.
  3. That Irish dance must not fear innovation nor disrespect its rich cultural tradition.

Everything we do flows from these timeless principles, which serve as the core of our organization. And if you share in these beliefs, then you will find both fun and fellowship at Motor City Irish Dance – where passion thrives and rhythm drives.

About Us

Motor City Irish Dance is a performance-focused company that specializes in adult Irish dance instruction and Irish dance entertainment. We exist to fulfill a gap in the Irish dance marketplace that is dominated by competition-focused Irish dance schools who cater to children.

Our adult Irish dance classes are designed to promote continuous improvement in a fun and steady-paced environment. At every lesson, your instructor will focus on your behaviors – not your results – so that you can form the good dance habits that lead to great results! We use this approach because it redirects the mental focus away from outcomes towards goals, which directly combats the feelings of self-doubt that some adults experience after trying something new or challenging.

Our Irish dance entertainment arm is embodied in the Motor City Irish Dance Company, which is composed of experienced Irish dancers of all ages (both kids and adults). This group literally trains to entertain and aims to showcase the very best that Irish dance has to offer. The Company can be booked for all manner of shows, from charity fundraisers and cultural shows to corporate events and weddings.